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Andrey "DRON" Korotkov

Entrepreneur, game producer, and passionate indie game developer.

Created my first game for ZX Spectrum in 13 years, then became interested in related areas: various interactive visualization, gamification, social and mobile platforms.

Gained experience as a developer and later became a game producer at large companies.

Knowing all the stages of creating a product from scratch, formed a several teams of diverse professionals and has achieved success as an entrepreneur, creating two companies: DeeProSoft and RapidBricks.

Today, I am as before open for any new and interesting projects and startups, and at the same time - keep doing indie games and sharing experience with young developers.

QA Engineer SKBKontur
Developer UAGP
Founded DeeProSoft
Graduated UrFU
Developer Wargaming.net
Producer 2Nova
Founded RapidBricks
Producer ZillionWhales
CEO&partner ZillionWhales
80% Games
70% Manage
50% Coder
35% Bizdev

What I do

I have some basic skills that I am willing to apply and develop.


Project management at all stages using agile development and various planning tools, from setting up development process to coordinating work of the whole team, including management of time, budget, risks and communications.


Thorough knowledge of gameplay design specifics in modern games (retention, monetization, virality and social functions) obtained while working on the world-famous brands such as "Cut The Rope", "Mushroom Wars", "Drag Racing" and others.


More than 15 years of experience in programming, mainly 3D graphics in C++, real-time multimedia applications and games. Participated in the development of complex systems, such as reverse ballistics for "World of Warships".


Participated in number of startups and founded several companies. Deep understanding of the IT-market conjuncture, experience of strategic planning, business development and making key decisions, ability to find partners and investors to work together, provides projects with my participation prospect of successful growth.

Some facts from my career

Check my stats

117 projects

87580 emails

2912 hours

6322 commits

1010047 lines of code

2841 cups of coffee


Mushroom Wars 2 - sequel to the unique real-time strategy game where meticulous tactics meets furious action, while armies of fungal creatures clash in epic PvP and PvE battles.

The Best

Worldwide critically acclaimed short session strategy for consoles and mobile.


Epic real-time PvP battles for 4 people with up to 4000 troopers on the map simultaneously.


Storyline campaign mode challenging even for experienced strategists.


Deep game tested on tournaments by real cyberathletes.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


Some of my projects and games.

Non-comercial projects

Some of my independent projects and games.

Latest lectures

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